Spinal & Extremity Manipulation Adjustments

Back pain ails millions today because it is caused by so many different conditions.

We offer quick solutions for this pain at Faye and Faye Chiropractic in Los Angeles, CA. Spinal and extremity manipulation therapy treatment is a hands-on therapy that restores function to restricted joints that result in inflammation and pain. Signals that should be returning from a mobile joint upset coordination and muscle strength that manipulation addresses.

Is Spinal and Extremity Manipulation Safe?

Yes, it is! Chiropractors obtain malpractice insurance for $1800 (compared to $100,000+ paid by many M.D.s) a year because manipulation poses very little risk. Occasionally a patient with an existing artery in their neck that is already injured and courts have not prosecuted the Chiropractor involved. The incidents of this condition are the same as if these patients went to a hairdresser or an M.D. that day.

Benefits of Spinal and Extremity Manipulation in Los Angeles, CA

Improved Mobility

When restricted joints are manipulated they increase their range of motion and the tissues respond by increasing the elasticity of the tissues instead of attracting calcium that the restriction demands. Joints degenerate that don’t move and mobile joints maintain healthy tissue. 

Professional Adjustments

Dr. Faye has written a textbook on the clinical application of manipulation. He and his daughter are very skilled at spinal and extremity manipulation. He teaches seminars for graduate Chiropractors who wish to increase their manipulation skills. 

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