Heller Work Massage sessions and Deep Tissue Massage.

Hellerwork therapy utilizes hands-on massage sessions with lifestyle changes as the desired result. These sessions allow patients to reevaluate how they carry themselves and impact their own posture, soreness, stress, and other daily inhibitors. At Faye and Faye Chiropractic in Los Angeles, CA, we apply industry-leading strategies to create positive health improvement in both body and mind. 

These Three Steps Improve Your Health:

1.) Pain Relief

To have a healthy relationship with yourself, you need to stay consistent with pain relief. This can be accomplished by relieving tension throughout the day (stretching, exercising, etc.), or in scheduled sessions with a professional. Fortunately, Hellerwork can aid that process a great deal. Relieving pain is the most essential aspect of improving your health that Hellerwork contributes to.

2.) Return to Extended Range of Motion, Function, and More

Regardless of how athletic or inactive a patient is, range of motion is lost over time. To keep your range of motion and function in your muscles consistent, you must be aware of the relationship you have with your muscle tissues and what impacts them. Hellerwork aids that education process and keeps you aware of how your body’s motion is affected every day.

3.) Strong Relationship to One’s Self

Most associate this relationship with working out and physical growth only. Hellerwork has great connections to more than just your workout habits. It builds up your self-connection and makes you more responsible for your actions, how they impact your daily health, and more.

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How Do Hellerwork MAssages Accomplish these steps?

Deep Connection-Focused Tissue Bodywork

Tension release is the foundation of these massages. They give your tissue tension reduction process quicker results with alignment improvements as well. This process is completely hands-on but isn’t particularly invasive. Our expert professionals are able to provide quality results while maintaining a high comfort level for our patients.

Movement Improvement and Mobility Function

Your movement improves massively with these massages. Just the way you walk or stand being adjusted a tiny amount can make all the difference for how you feel on a daily basis. This will come through in:

  1. Walking Patterns
  2. Standing Positions
  3. Seated Positions
  4. Reaching

Each of these characteristics all have a resulting impact on your tension and soreness. Our Hellerwork massages allow you to proactively treat that soreness and tension while feeling healthier all around.

Self Responsibility

Reminder to yourself how you carry yourself every day impacts your health and comfort level. Without a strong sense of comfort in posture, attitude towards yourself, and health, you put yourself at risk for negative thoughts and health issues.