Headaches are a symptom connected to many medical conditions. The most common headache is a “Tension Headache” that we call a “Cervicogenic Headache”. Spinal joint restrictions usually causes our neck muscles to contract (muscle knots) that affect the blood flow and nerve response to the brain.  At Faye and Faye Chiropractic in Los Angeles, CA, even many Migraine headaches respond to our manipulations and therapy treatments. 

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches can be caused by many repetitive stress situations. Postural problems, poor workstations, and other environmental hazards will cause joints in the upper back and neck to be restricted, and therefore neck muscles knot, and a headache results. Often the joints become chronically restricted and require treatment.

Our HEadache Treatments

Treatments require manipulation of the restricted joints and therapy for the knotted muscles. We then address postural correction and workplace ergonomics.

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