EPAT/ESWT Shockwave Treatment

Our EPAT therapy services in Los Angeles, CA are clinically-proven methods to treat pain and promote healing as effectively or even more effectively than surgery or pharmaceuticals. Millions of patients worldwide use EPAT therapy to give their bodies a healthy advantage in recovery.

Pain Treatment Areas for EPAT Therapy in Los Angeles, CA:

  1. Plantar Fasciitis
  2. Knee Pain
  3. Neck Pain
  4. Foot Pain
  5. Shoulder Pain
  6. Lower Back Pain

Proven Benefits of EPAT Therapy Services:

Faster Healing Process

EPAT therapy gives you an expedited healing timeline to get you back to work, back on the treadmill, and feeling your best again.

Little to No Downtime Following Sessions

Most procedures will leave patients with significant recovery processes. After your next EPAT session, you will be able to start instant recovery rehabilitation.

Quick In-Office Treatment

If we accept you as a patient, your treatment in the office will be over in less than half an hour. With our 75 years of experience in helping patients, we will get you back on track as soon as possible.

Long-Lasting Results

Weekly treatments range from 3-8 visits. Research shows that 91% of patients were pain-free at a year’s follow-up.

Book a consultation to see if EPAT Therapy is right for you

Book a consultation to see if EPAT Therapy is right for you