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Our EPAT therapy services are proven methods to treat pain as effectively or even more effectively than surgery or pharmaceuticals. Millions of patients worldwide use EPAT therapy to give their bodies a healthy advantage in healing.Book a free consultation to see if EPAT- Shockwave Therapy is right for you!


As experienced chiropractic service providers in Los Angeles, CA, we offer a vast array of adjustments and therapy treatments to give you the best results for your pains. Our work creates affordable solutions that release joint restrictions and aches in your body. After a few sessions with us, you’ll see the difference made in everything from range of motion to overall pain control.

About Us

We don’t accept patients we can’t help. Complimentary consultations are provided to determine the likelihood of success.
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Our Promise

Our promise is to provide quality, results-driven solutions to your pains and discomforts. Get back to doing what you would like to do.

New Patients

To assure we are thorough in determining if we can help you, please feel free to print and complete our patient forms.​
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Health Conditions We Treat:

Lower Back Pain

Most patients have suffered from episodes of back pain for years, because there are so many causes and most practitioners won’t establish a diagnosis that may need to be referred to another specialist. We refer to other specialists disc ruptures, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer etc.
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Neck Pain

The neck supports a 10 lb. head and allows many ranges of motion. As a result, the tiny joints are constantly being jolted and stressed by unforeseen forces.
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Lower back pain can be accompanied by the sciatic nerve being inflamed which results in severe pain down one leg to the foot. There are many causes and MRI pictures are required to determine if our treatment will be successful.
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Knee Pain

Many patients are suffering from knee pains coming from the hips or lower back. Our examination will reveal these causes. If the knee sprains or degenerative changes are the cause, then our new EPAT Shockwave therapy once a week for 3 to 8 weeks is producing amazing results. Clinical results have shown that 91% of non-surgical knee pain patients were still pain-free at 1-year follow-up. This therapy is FDA approved.
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Foot Pain

Diagnosis is the key to the effective treatment of foot pain. There are 26 bones in the foot and ankle and each has joints that can cause pain. The tendons from the lower leg can be inflamed and Plantar Fasciitis is a quite common source of foot pain.
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Shoulder Pain

Inflammation is a primary culprit for shoulder pain, while other issues may be causing a great deal of discomfort. We quickly assess your shoulder pain and provide solutions.
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Tennis Elbow

Unfortunately, this injury can impact far more than just tennis players. We assist in avoiding loss of function and motion which consistently develops for those with tennis elbow.
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Headaches are a symptom connected to many medical conditions. The most common headache is a “Tension Headache” that we call a “Cervicogenic Headache”. Both Tension and Migraine headaches respond to our manipulations and therapy treatments.
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The Cervical Syndrome

This is the most missed diagnosis because it causes 20 symptoms that are common to other conditions. Patients are told by neurologists, ENT specialists, and orthopedics that they can’t find the cause of these listed symptoms.
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Treatments & Therapies in Los Angeles, CA

To treat these injuries and ailments best, we are well versed in a wide variety of therapies and treatments for your pains and improving your quality of life. Our treatment plans create solutions that repairs tissues and joint restrictions in your body. After a few sessions with us, you will see the differences in your range of motion, reduction of pain, and the ability to be more active.

Spinal Intermittent Decompression Traction

Both spinal decompression and traction therapy techniques are utilized to effectively relieve joint pressure and spine tension
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Class IV Low-Level Infrared Laser

Laser therapy uses targeted energy to promote healing in the body. With our laser therapy solutions, we give you great relief from pain.
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EPAT Shockwave Treatment

Shockwave treatments weekly for 3 to 8 weeks depending on the chronicity promotes healing and removes pain from chronic conditions.
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Hellerwork Therapy and Massages

These sessions allow patients to reevaluate how they carry themselves and impact their own posture, soreness, stress, and other deterring daily factors
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Spinal & Extremity Manipulation

Spinal and extremity manipulation therapy treatment is a hands-on therapy that restores function to restricted joints that result in inflammation and pain
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Electro Interferential Therapy

Interferential Therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that uses low-frequency stimulation through electrons to give you a healing response in the tissues that reduces swelling and pain.
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What Our Clients Say

Patient Testimonials
Los Angeles, United State America
Our family has trusted Drs. Faye for years. Different aches and pains in 3 generations all helped. The lifestyle advice has benefitted our overall health as well. When needed, other specialists were referred which gives us great confidence in their care.

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